Travelling Time is always here to help when you want to travel to the USA or Canada. Our team of North American specialists are on call to help you put together your ideal holiday. Whether it is a family holiday to Disneyland, a Music Festival, Road trip, city break or shopping trip - we can help with all your plans.

Like being independent - we can arrange your flights, car and accommodation along the way - so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

If touring as part of a large group is your preference, check out our exclusive great value tours.

We can also arrange small group tours for family and friends. Simply tell us where and what you'd like to see and do - and we will sort it out for you!



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An informal, friendly chat with one of our travel experts can help you make any North American Trip special and fun! You will discover all the different types of holidays America offers...

For instance, did you know that you can combine Nashville with a beach holiday?

A trip to New Orleans followed by a relaxing cruise, can be yours.

Whatever your heart desires, can be yours in North America...just ask!!